BSc Geology (awaiting approval)

B.ScGeology  is an undergraduate course in science offered across as a three year /6 semester course. It  is gaining lot of importance because of the phenomenon of climate change and changes in environment in general.

The science of geology is not just limited to the study of planet Earth. It also covers study of solid surface, structures and properties of celestial bodies (other planets, meteors and satellites).Many geology graduates enter professions directly related to their degree. Popular roles include exploration and production, water supply, environmental engineering and geological surveying. Other areas include environmental planning, hydrogeology and pollution control.

Employment is often found within the oil, gas and petroleum sector, the groundwater industry, environmental consultancies, civil engineering and construction companies.

At GIA, it will be mandatory for all the students who join the course to do field work, since it provides necessary practical experience to complement what you learn in the classroom

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