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Teaching Methodology

Teaching Methodology

The Teaching Methodology can be divided into four factors

Supplementing the curriculum with industry inputs

Although the curriculum of the course has been designed by the University, it will be enriched through a central co-ordination & consultation involving the academic experts & industry experts. This will be done to give students a close to real life exposure as well as be perfect in terms of theory aspects.

The subject matter will be thoroughly validated by the expert Faculties & industry experts. The views & suggestions of experts will be incorporated, wherever necessary, to make it a complete program.

Evolutionary structure of Semester-wise pattern will be followed, which makes the students aware as well as the expert of each subject, stage and level of complexity-wise, in a phased manner and which will result into ‘complete knowledge ready student’ by the end of the course.

Theory & Case study methods for Delivery:

A unique blend of theory & case study methods for delivery will be incorporated for the overall benefit of the students. This involves classroom presentations by students, under which students are asked to prepare presentations based on a particular topic assigned to them, which requires them to search for information, analyze and present the study they have done. This enables them to improve on presentations skills as well learn the subject matter.

Students are also given short / medium field based assignments to supplement the classroom based teaching. This gives them the exposure to learn and know the field work involved in concerned projects.

Practical Exposure through classroom &   summer internships programs.

The objective of this practical is to give exposure to students in such a way that their technical skills,required by the Industry, are enhanced. Summer internships is planned to give them the first real opportunity to work in a corporate set-up, just like an employee of that particular organization. The internships provide excellent practical exposure to the students and gives an opportunity to work in the real world situations.

Improving the Information technology skills

Information Technology systems are used by all companies. Therefore all widely used project management software, ERP applications are taught in-depth with high emphasis on practice in Institute’s full equipped IT lab. Apart from the advanced tools, students will be taught the basic computing systems and tools which are often used in the work life.

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