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Mentoring Policy

Mentoring Policy


Mentoring is one of the uniqueness of Grace International Academy in shaping students’ lives for a better tomorrow. The basic premise of this activity is that students who come to the college undergoes a transformation in terms of their attitude towards their peer group, teachers, career and society in general through constant interaction between teacher and student.


World is changing at a rapid pace. There are fast changes occurring in industry, job market as well as in the society in general, because of rapid expansion of technology. Along with the changes in society, students are also going through physical and psychological changes in their personality. If they are made aware of the changes in an objective manner, the coping will be much easier. Due to the rapid upgradation of technology, a demand for new products, globalization and a highly competitive market, students need to keep themselves abreast with the latest trends in the industry. In order to bridge the gap between academia and industry, the students need to get practical exposure, guidance, and training from the experts.


Major objectives of mentoring, as a practice, are to bridge the gap between the teacher and the student, Industry and academia and the individual and the society. As teachers are one of the ways through which students can develop themselves, it is important to develop healthy relationships between students and teacher, so that teacher becomes a friend, guide and a philosopher. This will help them to discuss with teachers as mentors to solve their problems, to make them competent to fight every situation of their life, career etc.


Mentorship is systematically introduced in the institute. A batch of 15 students are usually placed under a mentor. Mentor has direct communication with the students from the respective batch. The Mentors meet the students once in a week at least and whenever is required.

The Parents/Guardians of poor attendee/performance students are called to meet the mentors and corrective and preventive actions are implemented for further improvement

Parameters for Success

  1. Improvement of regularity in attendance of the students.
  2. Academic performance of students in internal and external examinations.
  3. Participation and performance of students in internship programs
  4. Job placements of students after the completion of the course.

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