Musavarikunnu, Punalur, Kollam District, Kerala

Entrepreneurship Policy

Entrepreneurship Policy


One of the major issues faced by the society isthe  lack of entrepreneurship culture. Many students complete graduation every year but remain unemployed because of suitable opportunities. There are significant number of students who have valuable entrepreneurial ideas which do not germinate and grow to completion, for want of the necessary environment and support


  1. To create Entrepreneurial culture in the Institution to support women and weaker sections of thesociety.
  2. To inculcate a culture of innovation driven entrepreneurship to enable students to respond effectively to the emerging challenges.
  3. To promote employment opportunities and to convert students to be job providers rather than job seekers.

The Process

 Student entrepreneurship is done in four stages. ·

  1. A business plan competition is conducted in house to generate new ideas.
  2. The expert committee formed for the evaluation of ideas shall interview each entrepreneur and analyse their potentiality. ·
  3. Review and establishment: Team formation is the key for the entrepreneur to commence his journey before starting his own company.
  4. Prototype development: The working model or prototype of the idea to be developed and this is to be certified by experts for commercialization.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Cell

 This is platform is for students to initiate entrepreneurship activities. All interested students can become part of the above Cell. Students are made to practice by doing innovative projects during second year. Faculty members are supporting towards the learning, design, implementation of ideas and plans for successful completion of projects. The results of above said practice also increases the number of papers published by the faculty members. The IEDC Cell provides platform for students to innovate, design and develop new ideas to its logical end.

This cell will also work tandem with Start-up mission, Kerala to help the students realise their entrepreneurial ambition.

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