BA Sociology (awaiting approval)

Sociology deals with the intricacies of the social world, psychological aspects of men and women, issues such as racism, how people deal with social status and respect, and other major questions that define life as a human being. In other words, it can be defined as the systematic study of human society, culture, and relationships on a collective level. It also explains how social relationships and cultural understanding shape life chances, experiences, attitudes and actions of individuals and groups.

Students with a bachelor’s degree in sociology often secure employment as social researchers, case workers, paralegals, public relations workers, administrators, community organisers, public policy researchers, and data analysts.



The B.A. Sociology course at Grace International Academy  will be a 3-year duration program divided into 6 semesters. It will be provide the students with both theoretical as well as practical skills to analyse the  various aspects of social behaviour and its consequence on modern society.

Eligibility : Students who have successfully qualified the 10+2 examination are eligible for admission to the BA course with Sociology specialisation.

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