Musavarikunnu, Punalur, Kollam District, Kerala

Krishan Ani

Krishan Ani  was  born and brought up in the state of Gujarat known for its remarkable Industrial growth in the post Independence period. She completed her  graduate degree in Commerce from Gujarat University with high grades. Along with her Graduation in Commerce, she also completed her three year course on Information technology from NIIT. She completed her Masters in Business Administation from A.P.J Abdul Kalam University specializing in Human Resource Management.

She is a  professional with over a decade of national and international corporate experience in Top Management. Having lived and worked in few countries, and having  solid insights into the best practices of  human resource management and client management, she brings to her classrooms this experience which is unmatched. She also played a key role in mentoring and conducting soft skills training for GNIIT programs and also conducted software training programs for Bank staff and LIC professionsls.

Her research interest is intrigued on Women’s Work Life Balance and their Emotional Intelligence.

She is a core team member of Grace Academy  and  imparts knowledge in the area of Human resources Management and computers.

Contact Information: [email protected]

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