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Grace Civil Service Academy

Grace Civil Service Academy

UPSC Exams

Union Public Service Commission commonly called UPSC is India’s premier recruiting department for the Government of India. The UPSC is responsible for conducting and employing civil servants for All India Services. Indian Administrative Services (IAS), is a dream for millions of students all across the country. During the past few year, demand for IAS as a career option has increased significantly.

Why Join Indian Civil service Services?

One in every three students want to join the Indian Civil service and around 4-6 lakh aspirants appear for the IAS exam every year. It is not for no reason that the educated Indian youth simply dreams of joining IAS.

The following are some of the reasons why students prefer to take up civil service as a career option:

The Power and the Prestige: Nobody can deny that the Indian civil Service is the most coveted of all the government jobs.  A Civil Servant is always well respected by the Indian Society. The Power and the Prestige enjoyed by the civil servants makes it a highly enviable job.

Job security: A government job always offers a better job security than a private one.

Handsome salary: Apart from an enviable salary, the civil servants get all other facilities that makes the life of the recruited individual a highly dignified one.

Satisfaction gained by serving the nation: The civil servants are responsible for the formation and implementation of the Government policies, apart from various other correlated duties. Needless to say, they do serve the society and gain a tremendous satisfaction for doing the same.

Exam Pattern

UPSC will be conducting civil service exam in three different stages

  • Preliminary Exam
  • Mains Exam
  • Interview Process

Why Grace Civil service Academy?

In view of the high competition and the rigorous requirements for UPSC preparation, classroom or UPSC online coaching for civil service exam becomes necessary for many candidates, though there are a few exceptions.

Grace Civil service Academy offers the following:

Effective and adaptive teaching methods

Experienced faculty

Comprehensive IAS test series for UPSC Prelims and Mains

Extensive study material for the civil service exam

Focused preparation methods

Special features of the Grace Civil service Academy:

  1. Daily News Analysis – Comprehensive news analysis from The Hindu for UPSC aspirants.
  2. PIB Summary and Analysis – Press Information Bureau releases are an important source of information about Government schemes and initiatives. We bring you the information you need for the UPSC exam preparation.
  3. Discussion of article in Yojana – Yojana magazine is one of the best magazines for UPSC preparation. Articles are discussed  and analysed in detail
  4. Discussion of articles of Kurukshetra – Kurukshetra is a well-known magazine  for IAS preparation and articles are discussed from it.
  5. Economic and Political Weekly– The in-depth articles of EPW will go a long way in giving the aspirant a thorough understanding of the various issues and the articles will be discussed in detail


Foundation course ( FC)

The Foundation course is meant for HSS students. The course content is mainly the syllabus for the IAS preliminary Examination. In addition to it, the students are given training in public speaking, group discussion, leadership activities and interview skills. The development of communication skills is another concern of the course.. Besides familiarizing the students with the Civil Services exams, the course also prepares them for the various entrance exams conducted by reputed colleges/institutions.

Foundation classes are conducted on second Saturdays and other holidays. It begins in the month of July every year

Catch them young Course ( CYC)

Catch them Young Course is intended for VIII, IX and X Standard students of the high school classes. Civil service is journey of thousand miles. It starts with a dream and developing a strategy to achieve those dreams. High School is the best time to dream big and formulating strategies in achieving those dreams.

The syllabus for this course has been formulated with a view to developing the multi-faceted talents of the students from their young age so as to help them get into the Civil Services and other high positions later.

Classes for CYC course are conducted on Sundays. It begins in the month of July every year.

Integrated course for College going students ( ICCS)

Admission to this course is open to the First Year, Second Year and the Third year degree students.. This course follows the same syllabus of the Civil Service courses for Preliminary and mains and will cover the UPSC syllabus, except that of the optional subject, in three years.

Classes are held on all Sundays and 2nd Saturdays



The institute’s Library is a state of the art facility.  It has abundant materials including books, journals and magazines covering the entire gamut of the civil services examination as well as other competitive examinations. As a full-fledged career support centre, the institute takes the responsibility of providing the library facility for the maximum benefit of aspirants. The Reference Section is being used by a large number of students from the previous batches as well. The Library functions on all the seven days of the week from 8.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. There are only seven holidays (of national importance) for the library during the year.

Online support

Every student will be given personal attention while on and off the campus. After every class student will be send notes on line. There will be a midweek review of the areas taught by the teachers through online classes through Zoom software. Students can clarify the doubts if any during this session.

In addition to this there will be two tests conducted online through using the software Kahoot. This will be on Tuesday and Friday. This will help the student test the areas which he the learned through the week. Through this learning becomes through.

Workshops on writing skills ( Online )

One of the areas student needs to improve is writing skills. This is improved through sending students editorials by different newspapers on important topics. Students will write the summary of the event online and it will be send to the teacher. Teacher will correct and send back students the areas for improvement.

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